Liebster Award

I won an award!

Liebster Award

I have only been blogging a little over a month, but when starting out I looked at lots of different things and noticed many of them had won the Liebster Award – an award for new bloggers running as yet undiscovered blogs with few followers. The idea is to try and spread the word about these blogs to help people find them.

I’ve been working hard to create good content that makes people want to read and revisit my blog, with the hope that maybe in six months someone would notice and nominate me for a Liebster Award, so imagine my surprise when I received a nomination from Emma over at Where’s That To?! Thank you Emma!

I haven’t been able to discover the exact origins of the award, but the word liebster translates into beloved, dearest, sweetheart. Slightly strange (and I kinda preferred the word before I knew the definition), but the meaning behind it is to share some kindness amongst bloggers. So I was more than happy to accept the award!

Now no award comes without a cost, and the Liebster Award comes with a few caveats:

  1. Say something about the person who nominated you.
  2. Name your favourite blogger and explain why.
  3. Provide a set of random facts about yourself.
  4. Answer a set of questions given from the nominator.
  5. Nominate some other small, new blogs to spread the good word.
  6. Give those nominees their own set of questions to answer.

1. My Nominator – Emma at ‘Where’s That To?’

I have to confess, I hadn’t found Emma’s blog before she contacted me. Emma is from the UK like me, is happily married to Ollie. So far she has shared her experiences of Costa Rica, but she is intending to share her memories from other countries over the coming year. I can’t wait to hear more about her travels!

2. My Favourite Blogger

One of the first bloggers I found was Lauren Juliff, and her blog Never Ending Footsteps. I found I could really identify with her – female, British, Physics graduate (I did Engineering – both Maths based), and her first destination was Dubrovnik, like mine!

I’m yet to branch out from tour holidays, but Lauren does her travelling solo which is something one day I would like to do too!

3. Eleven Random Facts About Me!

  1. I worked at the London 2012 Olympics.
  2. I watch too much TV…
  3. I’m an engineer.
  4. I love bacon sandwiches with cheddar cheese.
  5. I once left my iPad on a plane, but got it back 24 hours later.
  6. I can do 3 push ups in a row, which is 3 more than 12 months ago!
  7. My Gran’s name was Dora, which is why I love my profile picture.
  8. My housemate has two cats, and I might be becoming a cat person…
  9. I have a spreadsheet for everything.
  10. I love motorsport, especially IndyCar.
  11. I’m from North Yorkshire, the best part of the UK!

4. The Answer to Emma’s Questions

1. Where did the travel bug bite you?

My first trip through the Balkans in 2014. I went by myself and was very apprehensive about travelling for two weeks with a bunch of strangers, but by the end I really didn’t want to return. I am someone who loves to plan and research, but actually the places I researched and planned the least were the most pleasurable, like Ljubljana – such a surprise!

2. Where in the world did you find the best food you have ever tasted?

When I was 17 we went on a family holiday driving round Iceland, and one night we stayed right in the north of the island, in Raufarhöfn. Raufarhöfn is a small village that used to be the largest export harbour in the country so there wasn’t a lot to do. Iceland is notoriously expensive, but we resigned ourselves to eating at the hotel as there were no other options.

We had fish chowder which was made with fish caught and brought into the village harbour; it was amazing! It was well worth whatever price we were charged, but then when we got the bill it was the cheapest meal of the holiday!

3. If you were running a competition and the winner, who has never left their country won an all expenses paid trip – where would you send them and why?

This one is really difficult, as I haven’t actually travelled that widely, so I would probably send them on a trip I would like to do. I would get them a flight to Peru, send them to Machu Picchu, and afterwards on a cruise to the Galapagos Islands.

4. What’s next on your bucket list?

Rome. I’m going in September and I can’t wait. Roman history gets done to death in the British education system, but I was always fascinated by how far ahead of their time they were with the way they built things and engineered solutions. As a child I spent a lot of time in York, the ancient Roman town of Eboracum, which was surrounded by city walls you can still walk around today. I can’t wait to see the Colosseum and the Pantheon, as well as get to the Vatican City.

5. Do you prefer to travel by land, sea or air?

Air to get me to far flung places, but then land once I’m there. You miss so much by flying over or sailing round things, but by land you can stop off places and explore some more.

6. If you had to live somewhere you have never been for 5 years, where would you choose and why?

Somewhere in Australia / New Zealand, I’m not fussy! I’ve now seen a lot of Europe, so it would be nice to base myself down under to provide opportunities to travel that region. Especially Tuvalu!

I’ve never been good with languages, and Australasia wouldn’t have a language barrier to overcome. I’ve been to America a couple of times now and I’m not sure it’s for me for five years.

7. If you could only see one set of wonders (ancient, modern and natural), which would you choose and why?

This question was quite tricky and prompted me to do some research to check what each set of Wonders contained. As I was doing my research I realised I wanted to expand on the topic so expect a longer post on the Wonders soon!

After learning what they were I dismissed the Ancient Wonders. I’m a realist, and of the Ancient Wonders, only one is still standing – The Great Pyramid of Giza. I would quite like to see it, but there are other places I would like to go more, so the Ancient Wonders are out.

As for the Modern Wonders vs the Natural Wonders, this is where the decision got difficult so I followed my gut on which Wonders I have always wanted to see. Whilst I have a strong love of Geography, and I love seeing the natural places of the world, I decided I would like to see the Modern Wonders. The human skill and ingenuity to make each wonder amazes me, so I would love to witness these achievements in person.

8. Which animal would you love to see in the wild and how do you plan to make that happen?

Since I was little I have loved panda’s, so I would love the opportunity to get to China and see one in the wild. Not sure how I would achieve this, but I may have to do it quickly owing to panda’s being kind of stupid and not keen on continuing their species!

9. Which destination has been most in contrast to what you expected?

Las Vegas. I really wanted to go to IHOP when I was in America, and found one just south of the Stratosphere casino, which I thought was still on the strip. Turns out, it wasn’t. As we left IHOP  someone told my friend to hide her camera. We were then followed by homeless people asking for money until we made it across the street and into SLS Las Vegas. Such deprivation so close to such excess was difficult and a little scary.

10. Beach holiday or city break?

City break, every time. My weekend in Barcelona confirmed this, as Barcelona has a beach next to the city. I must have spent about an hour sat there before I was bored and wanted to go back to exploring!

11. Which home comfort do you find hardest to leave behind?

My car. I love having the freedom to just drive somewhere and explore. I recently had a hire car in Northern Ireland which meant I could randomly follow brown road signs and check out different places, so next time I travel somewhere outside of a major city I may have to do the same.

5. My Nominees

I have found this part particularly difficult, so I am going to leave it open for now with just three nominees. As I come across more I will expand the list!

6. Some Questions for my Nominees

  1. If you had to pick one place to return to, where would it be and why?
  2. What’s your favourite way to travel: solo; group tour; or with family / friends?
  3. What one thing do you have to take with you when you go travelling (except your passport!)?
  4. And what do you find the hardest to leave behind?
  5. Where was the best food you’ve eaten? What was it?
  6. City or countryside?
  7. If you could only see one set of Wonders (Ancient, Modern and Natural), which would you choose and why?
  8. Where is your dream destination? If money was no object, the one place you would love to visit.
  9. Where are you from and what about it would you recommend to other travellers?
  10. What was your worst travel experience? What did you learn from it?
  11. Where are you travelling to next?

That was really fun to work through and complete. Hopefully you learnt a little more about me as well!

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