About Katelyn


Katelyn - AKA me!

That’s me – Katelyn (I’m not always the most sensible with photo’s)

My name is Katelyn and if you’re reading this you’ve made it to my travel blog Transient Explorer. Welcome! You probably also want to know a bit more about me, so here’s some info:

  • I’m 26.
  • Born and raised in North Yorkshire, UK.
  • I love motor sport, and designed my entire 2016 holiday around attending the 100th Indianapolis 500.
  • I work as an engineer for a national company (hence transient).
  • In my spare time I enjoy seeing new things (hence explore!).
  • On my more lazy days I’ll be found watching TV while cross stitching.

My Travel History

As a kid we stayed in caravan parks around the UK on ‘educational’ holidays (so mum and dad could explain pulling us out of school!), but looking back that has helped me turn into the traveller I am. Time is precious, and I want to maximise every opportunity to see a location.

The first time I left the UK was when I was 15 and we spent two weeks in Majorca. That holiday was followed by family holidays to the USA (Niagara Falls, Boston and New York) and a lap round Iceland before I left home for university.

Fun fact: I was 20 before I visited mainland Europe!

Mid-way through my degree I did a placement year and had the opportunity to go on three holidays! This was followed by almost two years of solid working; two more years of my masters degree and a full time job in the summer between. By summer 2014 I needed a break, but with no friends to go with I was left with a decision to make: stay at home or go anyway?

So I went.

And it was the best decision I ever made.

Dubrovnik Walls

Walking the Dubrovnik walls the day I arrived on my first tip

I spent just under two weeks in the Balkans, visiting amazing places and making some fantastic friends (one of whom I’m going on holiday with again in 2017). Before I left I was scared two weeks was too long – in hindsight it wasn’t long enough.

Since then I spent a week travelling across Europe, weekends in Norway and Barcelona, and over two weeks on the trip of a lifetime back in the USA. And all each trip has done has made me want to travel more.

Unfortunately Life Gets in the Way

I am currently progressing through a company graduate scheme that requires me to change roles and locations fairly regularly, so planning holidays has proved difficult. I kept the end of 2016 clear instead of booking any trips just in case I had to move again.

In the end I didn’t have to move, and I didn’t go on holiday – time wasted.

I had hoped that my nomadic lifestyle would soon end; maybe I could settle down somewhere and buy a house (who am I kidding, an apartment, I’m not that rich!)?! But the more time I spend at work the less likely that is to happen. I love the company I work for and the opportunities it brings so I don’t want to leave, but there is a balance that needs to be struck between forward planning and living for now.

2017 is About Living for NOW

I have decided to ignore the ‘what if?’ scenarios floating round my head and embrace 2017. I have already booked one holiday and am planning a second.

I start a new role at work that requires shift work, which in turn gives me lots of days off. I hope to maximise that opportunity and see more of the UK and possibly nearby Europe.

And to stop everything floating round my head I am putting pen to paper (or the computer equivalent) by writing this blog!

Excited? You bet!

To Conclude

Hopefully that gives you a bit of a background to me and my motivations. I’m excited to begin blogging and sharing the results of my explorations with you all. I would love to hear from you, so please use the contact form and drop me a message.