My First Travel Vaccination Experience

Up until now I have travelled to countries that do have any additional health related requirements. I simply get my travel insurance, pack my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC / E111) if I’m going to Europe, and off I go.

Next month I am heading off to South Africa, a far away land outside of Europe that contains many unknowns. Added to that, I am going on a safari to the only part of South Africa that has a malaria risk – Kruger National Park. I figured it was time to understand what medication and vaccinations I need, and how to get them as cheaply as possible.

(Note I did this 6 weeks before my trip – actually you should do it at least 8 weeks before. This gives you time to ensure you can receive all the vaccines you need, as well as buy a little extra time just in case what you need isn’t available)


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