Choosing Between the Ancient, Modern and Natural Wonders of the World

For my Liebster Award win a couple of weeks ago I had to answer some questions, and number 7 was “If you could only see one set of Wonders (Ancient, Modern and Natural), which would you choose and why?”

The question was much more complicated than it first seemed, and required a bit more analysis, so I decided to give a quick answer on my Liebster Award win page and go into a bit more depth here. Enjoy!

The view over the Grand Canyon

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Liebster Award

I won an award!

Liebster Award

I have only been blogging a little over a month, but when starting out I looked at lots of different things and noticed many of them had won the Liebster Award – an award for new bloggers running as yet undiscovered blogs with few followers. The idea is to try and spread the word about these blogs to help people find them.

I’ve been working hard to create good content that makes people want to read and revisit my blog, with the hope that maybe in six months someone would notice and nominate me for a Liebster Award, so imagine my surprise when I received a nomination from Emma over at Where’s That To?! Thank you Emma!

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New Year, New Me, New Blog!

Happy 2017!


Discussions regarding new years resolutions are always hard to avoid, and with January 1st comes the list of things to do differently. Eat healthier; do more exercise; travel more; etc. The list goes on.

I’ve never really ‘done’ new years resolutions. Why? I’m too lazy! Unfortunately, I seem to have made a few realisations about my life that coincide with the fireworks, so I guess this year those realisations are my resolutions?

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