Johannesburg in a Day

I’ve just come back from a short but sweet trip to South Africa which was an amazing experience. The country is beautiful. The people and so friendly and welcoming. And the history is astonishing.

I must confess, before my visit I hadn’t really taken any time to understand the history of the country I was going to. I had heard of Nelson Mandela and knew he was an amazing man. I had heard of apartheid and knew it had a massive impact on the country, an impact it was still recovering from. But beyond that I didn’t know much.

My trip included one day in Johannesburg which provided the perfect opportunity to improve my knowledge of this amazing country’s spotted history.

Johannesburg Cooling Towers

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Review: 2014 Balkans Highlights with Tucan Travel, Part 4

Farewell Croatia. Hello Slovenia!

Before the trip, Ljubljana was somewhere I hadn’t heard of. When researching places to visit in Europe I discovered Lake Bled, but that was all of Slovenia I had seen. After the ‘meh’ of Zagreb, I wasn’t expecting much from Ljubljana, but what I discovered was beautiful and amazing and has meant of all the places on this trip, Slovenia is the one I wouldn’t hesitate to return to and show off to my friends.

Ljubljana, Padlock Bridge, Slovenia

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Review: 2014 Balkans Highlights with Tucan Travel, Part 1

In 2013 I missed out on a holiday due to work, so I vowed 2014 wouldn’t be the same. Summer 2014 was also a time of transition from university student to full time employee. I wanted to ensure the summer off wasn’t wasted, so I decided to finally go on a holiday!

My friends were busy with their own lives, so I decided to go by myself. I had seen pictures of Plitviče Lakes National Park in Croatia and Lake Bled in Slovenia and fallen in love with both, so the trip I went on had to at least encompass the two.

This six part series will take you from the initial decision making process of choosing how to see my chosen destinations, through a city by city review of each destination I visited, finishing with a total spend and a review of the whole adventure.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

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