A Day Off in Belfast

Transient Explorer is a blog aimed at making the most of opportunities life throws at you, and in October 2015 I was asked to go to Belfast for work. I was there on and off for two months, living out of a suitcase in a hotel room, but I was determined to see something more than just those four walls so one Saturday I ventured out and found the tourist favourite – a big red bus!


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New Year, New Me, New Blog!

Happy 2017!


Discussions regarding new years resolutions are always hard to avoid, and with January 1st comes the list of things to do differently. Eat healthier; do more exercise; travel more; etc. The list goes on.

I’ve never really ‘done’ new years resolutions. Why? I’m too lazy! Unfortunately, I seem to have made a few realisations about my life that coincide with the fireworks, so I guess this year those realisations are my resolutions?

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